The patriarch of the Ti(g)chelaar family was Jacob Buwes who was born app. 1584 and lived in Achlum, a village in Friesland. Later his descendants settled in Almenum, Midlum and Wijnaldum, all villages in the neighborhood of Harlingen. Eventually most of them moved to Harlingen. This except  Jan Robijns, who moved to Tzum, a village south of Franeker.


During the French occupation of Holland in the beginning of the 19th century everyone was obliged to adopt a surname. There are no records that prove the Ti(g)chelaar family met this obligation. This again with the exception of Jan Robijns who adopted the surname Arbeider (laborer). His children later adopted the surname de Jong. 

The first time the surname of our family appeared in writing was in the Régistre Civique (voting register) of Almenum. This was Tjerk or Tierk Robijns and the surname was spelled as Tichelaar. As our ancestors could neither read nor write the spelling of the surname depended on the knowledge of the spelling rules of the civil servant that wrote down the surname. According to those spelling rules the name should be written as Tigchelaar. This also explains the fact that during the 19th century different children from the same family were called Tichelaar or Tigchelaar in their respective birth certificates.


During the 19th and beginning of the 20th century most of our ancestors were laborers by profession and led a miserable existence.


The research of this Ti(g)chelaar family has been and is being done by Wieger Koeze, Lodewijk Tichelaar, Loek Tigchelaar, Harold Tigchelaar and Tjerk Tigchelaar who are grateful for any further information.

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After a ten year research period a few years ago Harold Tigchelaar has published a book (in Dutch)  containing the history of the first 7 generations of the Tigchelaar family, descending from Jacob Buwes.