Pieter Cornelis Veenstra, born in Langweer on November 6, 1799, christened in Oosterlittens on August 31, 1800, son of Cornelis Pieters (schuitevoerder, schuitevoerder and schuitevoerder) and Baukjen Ruurds (woman worker), died in Franeker on February 26, 1879, aged 79 years.

Pieter was married in Baarderadeel on May 20, 1830, at the age of 30 to
Lijsbert Sybouts Beistra (aged 25 years), born in Cubaard on December 11, 1804, christened there on January 13, 1805, daughter of Sybout Sjoerds Beistra and Janke Dirks, maid servant, died in Cubaard on January 11, 1845, aged 40 years.

From this marriage: