Saakjen Jans, born in Garijp before November 17, 1771, christened there on November 17, 1771, daughter of Jan Bouwes and Jetske Minnes, died in Eernewoude on July 13, 1815, aged at least 43 years.

Saakjen got the banns published in Leeuwarden on January 23, 1795 and was married there on March 19, 1795 in church, at the age of at least 23 to
Bonse Pieters (aged 28 years), born in Eernewoude on April 13, 1766, christened there on May 11, 1766, son of Pieter Baukes and Roeltje Aukes, bargeman, died in the year 1811, aged 45 years.

From this marriage: