Johannes Syttes van Keimpema, born in Eernewoude on October 8, 1788, christened there on November 2, 1788, son of Sytte Keimpes Keimpema (peat cutting supervisor) and Ymkjen Baukes de Jong, worker, fisherman and bargeman, died in Eernewoude on November 7, 1865, aged 77 years.

Johannes was married in Bergum on June 10, 1812, at the age of 23 to his half-cousin
Gelske Baukes Feenstra (aged 21 years), born in Eernewoude on December 6, 1790, christened in Garijp on December 26, 1790, daughter of Bauke Wybes Feenstra (peat cutting supervisor) and Jitske Keimpes van Keimpema, died in Eernewoude on January 2, 1862, aged 71 years.

From this marriage: