Sjoerd Gerrits Feenstra, born in Wartena on October 24, 1837, son of Gerrit Ottes Feenstra (bargeman, baker, merchant, merchant and bargeman) and Antje Regnerus Seinstra (seamstress and baker), barge hand, journeyman baker and warehouseman, died in Warga on August 19, 1915, aged 77 years.

Sjoerd was married in Idaarderadeel on May 6, 1868, at the age of 30 to
Harmke Joukes Tuinstra (aged 20 years), born in Wartena on November 19, 1847, daughter of Jouke Tjerks Tuinstra (farmer's hand and worker) and Hiltje Wierds Postma, died in Huizum on January 17, 1921, aged 73 years.

From this marriage: