Ymkje Halbes Feenstra, born on August 18, 1781, christened in Harlingen on December 18, 1781, daughter of Halbe Baukes Feenstra (peat barge proprietor and bargeman) and Doetje Jacobs, died in Wartena on August 13, 1859, aged 77 years.

Ymkje was married in Wartena on February 27, 1803 in church, at the age of 21 to
Klaas Annes Bleeker (aged 20 years), born in Wartena on February 14, 1783, christened there on March 2, 1783, son of Anne Gosses and Klaake Klaasses, worker, died in Idaarderadeel on June 13, 1863, aged 80 years.