Wybe Baukes Feenstra, born in Eernewoude on July 21, 1784, christened there on August 22, 1784, son of Bauke Wybes Feenstra (peat cutting supervisor) and Jitske Keimpes van Keimpema, merchant, died in Irnsum on October 30, 1831, aged 47 years.

Wybe was married in Eernewoude on April 23, 1810 in church, at the age of 25 to
Romkjen Klazes Wouters (aged 20 years), born in Leeuwarden on June 23, 1789, christened there on July 8, 1789, daughter of Claas Wouters and Gerritje Jelles, grocer, died in Irnsum on June 15, 1832, aged 42 years.

From this marriage: