Bauke Johannes Feenstra, born in Eernewoude on February 15, 1835, son of Johannes Baukes Feenstra (peat cutting supervisor, barge hand, bargeman, eel bargeman, barge hand and eel bargeman) and Antje Gjalts Wester, sailor, died in 7 km uit Engelse kust on December 22, 1880, aged 45 years.

Bauke was married in Workum on October 16, 1859, at the age of 24 (1) to
Sybrigje Pieters Katsma (aged 23 years), born in Workum on September 1, 1836, daughter of Pieters Sybes Katsma (shopkeeper) and Dieuwke Tjebbes Bonnema, died in Workum on July 29, 1872, aged 35 years.

From this marriage:

Bauke was married in Workum on February 26, 1873, at the age of 38 (2) to
Sijtske Willems Zult (aged 25 years), born in IJlst on September 10, 1847, daughter of Willem Jeltes Zult (castellan) and Trijntje Aukes de Vries.
Sijtske was married afterwards to N.N., born circa 1855 (?).